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About Us

About Us

The American Board of Telehealth is driven to be the leader in telemedicine education. Our goal is to weave telemedicine into the fabric of health care delivery across the country as a vital tool in promoting access to quality care no matter where you are. We will achieve this by developing high-quality, evidence-based education in the practice of telemedicine.

As telehealth services become more common and accessible to patients, we will offer providers standardized training to teach them how to appropriately and effectively provide telehealth services.

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The American Board of Telehealth’s mission is to improve and ensure the quality of telehealth by setting standards and training the health care community.


Our vision is that every patient has access to gold standard telehealth. We will deliver world class training, research and integration ensuring telehealth reaches its full potential within the health care community.

We will do this through telemedicine education and integration for every health system in these key areas:

  • Education and Training
    Provide high-quality, evidence-based education while addressing common misconceptions about telemedicine.
  • Standards of Virtual Care Delivery
    Promote virtual advancement through researching evidence based best practice and developing standards of care - adopting care standards in the modality of care delivery.
  • Integration
    Support the integration of telehealth clinical practices across the continuum of care.

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