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American Board of Telehealth

The American Board of Telehealth develops certification and educational curriculum to help advance the careers and professional development of physicians, advanced practice providers, pharmacists, nurses, social workers, health care administration, information technology, legal/policy advocates and organizations. New certifications are added regularly to help with the growing needs of telemedicine.

Our goal is to weave telemedicine into the fabric of health care delivery across the country as a vital tool in promoting access to quality care no matter where the facility is located.

If you belong to an organization, we have special course rates available for you. Please contact us to learn more.

What We Do

The American Board of Telehealth is promoting a strategic vision for the advancement in telehealth education.

Our approach:

  • Offer education opportunities aimed at standardizing and validating the knowledge and skills needed to meet demand for remote services while maintaining excellent patient care.
  • Oversight and strategic vision of the advancement in telehealth education by a founding and advisory board made up of highly regarded experts in telehealth.
  • Create a community of gold-standard telehealth education and resources through collaboration with important stakeholders in telehealth.


New Telehealth Certificate Helps Primary Care Providers Make the Most of Online Care

By Dr. Salim Saiyed, Vice President and Chief Medical Information Officer at UPMC in Central PA.

Our goal is to help primary care providers use telehealth to grow into more spaces, adopt more robust technologies, and provide seamless experiences that integrate home monitoring and remote devices into the care process.


American Board of Telehealth Offers New Teleprimary Care Certificate Program to Help Primary Care Teams Succeed with Virtual Services in a Post-Pandemic Future

Online program delivers knowledge and strategies for primary care providers to create sustainable telehealth models in a healthcare environment that continues to evolve and transform


Understanding the Economic Impact of Telehealth in Rural Communities

By Jay Weems, Founding Board Member, American Board of Telehealth; Vice President, Operations, Avera eCARE

Those quality telehealth services are important to all of us, but especially in rural communities that thrive on investment in their city or town. I know this from growing up in rural South Dakota and traveling hours each way with my family to a community hospital for medical care.